The Everlasting Road, (Part One) (available through

A collection of early poetry.

A Winter Emerald (Novel)

A bourgeois romance.  An in depth look at life in Home Counties England, written when I myself was a teenager, and set in one magical winter. (available through

Finals (Short Novel)

A novel about nuclear terrorism, seen through the eyes of a gifted young student who had fallen asleep and is dying in a fire.  In his near death state he can travel and see into places of his choice, and he witnesses how a worldwide nuclear catastrophe is developing. He wants to prevent it, but it is by no means certain that he can make it back into his own body before he dies.

Children of the Spirits (Novel)

A darkly satirical fantasy novel, in which Britain is seen as being run by an elite of millionaire gamblers in a secret club known as the Octagon.  The struggles by a young investigative journalist to unravel and destroy it are regarded by the members only as an attempt to join them. His childhood girlfriend, herself a victim of the Octagon, offers him his only hope of freedom.

Voices in the Wall (Novel) The Lost Master of Oppenheim

While working as an art restorer, Alan Curtis becomes haunted by cries which he hears from beneath the ground, and finds himself drawn to a small damaged painting by the “Master of Oppenheim” nearly all of whose pictures have been lost.  A chance encounter with Phil, a young girl trying to escape from her family, sends them both on a voyage of discovery in which they become aware of their past lives, and a deadly triangle of jealousy which has trapped them and their “Mentor”, Mr. L.M., together over centuries.  (Available through

The Devil’s Skin (Blood on Satan’s Claw) (Novel)

In the reign of Queen Anne a strange distorted body is discovered by a ploughman in the secluded village of Chapel Folding.  An epidemic, known as “The Devil’s Skin”, then invades the village, causing fur to grow on parts of the body, and a schoolgirl, Angel Blake, becomes the leader of a sadistic cult, dedicated to reviving the ancient god whose body had been unearthed, by cutting out and reclaiming the “Devil’s Skin” from those who suffer from it, in order to give him new life.

Short Stories:-

The Birch Tree

A children’s tale inspired by the fourth symphony of Peter Tchaikovsky.  It can be read with his music as an accompaniment.

The White Animal

The killing of the white animal.  A story of obsession, and the destructive power of perfection.                                                                                        

The Destruction of Henry Twilite

A man who is misunderstood by his contemporaries is hounded to death by friends, who ostensibly want to help him.                                                    

The Unknown Soldier

A woman lives for years with the ghost of her husband who was killed in the trenches of the First World War.  He eventually becomes a stranger and vanishes from her mind.                                    

The Disappearance of Lawrence Morell

During the making of an amateur film, a young boy is drawn into an older world where he becomes a ghostly figure and finally disappears from this world forever, as if he always belonged in the past.                   

White Noise

A radio expert who wanted to send transmissions into space is murdered by terrorists in Northern Ireland, who suspect him of spying on them.  Years later his son and his girlfriend experiment with his equipment, and through the white noise which it picks up from space, they hear the voices of his killers on the day that he died.

The Invasion of Dalford East

The inhabitants of a suburb become convinced that they are going to be invaded, although nobody is certain where the invasion will come from or how to prepare for it.  Against the backdrop of this phoney war, love develops between a working class boy, Kenny, and an upper class girl, Francesca.

Legends of Torment of Body and Soul

A collection of horror stories, written when I was at school to give voice to my deepest fears, and bring them into the open.  These were the first of my ghost stories.