6th December 2021 marked the launch of my novelisation of the film “Blood on Satan’s Claw”, for which I wrote the original screenplay in 1970, under the title “The Devil’s Skin”.  It is being promoted and published through “Unbound Books”.  Details of the book can be found under

At 26.10.2021 “Damnation: The Gothic Game”, a new and greatly enhanced version of my board game “The Gothic Game”, has been created by Kris Rees of Blackletter Games, and is now on kickstarter.

The Covid period saw the production of a number of new books, which I published through, and are available through their internet shop. 

“A Winter Emerald” is a novel about first love and its transformative effect on teenage life in a small town.  It was written while I was still myself a teenager.

“The Everlasting Road (Part One)” is a collection of early poetry, following its development from first attempts through to mature work.

“Voices in the Wall” is a novel about love and crime in the art world, and the struggle for survival. It is a thrilling modern day adventure, in which the ghosts of the past come alive.

“The Gothic Game Musical” is the libretto of a darkly comic musical in which the characters become players in a board game of elimination. 

“The Wars of Alexander” is a trilogy of plays which I have drawn from two fine but incomplete medieval manuscripts, the style of which suggests the hand of the “Pearl Poet” (Ralph Strode).  They tell the story of the life of Alexander the Great, seen from a magical and also pacifist viewpoint.  I have modernised the language so that it can be understood by an audience who can understand Shakespeare, and supplied some missing sections myself. 

*    Coming Soon      *

“Blood on Satan’s Claw or The Devil’s Skin”, my novelisation of my original screenplay for the film “The Blood on Satan’s Claw”, is with Unbound Books and will be published later this year. See link above.



“Alexander’s Childhood” Opera

Full length sketch has now been completed