Damnation: The Gothic Game

Copies can be ordered and will be released OCTOBER 2022.

At 26.10.2021 “Damnation: The Gothic Game”, a new and greatly enhanced version of my board game “The Gothic Game”, was created by Kris Rees of Blackletter Games.


First previewed at the Essen Games Fair in 2019, an exciting new version of the “Gothic Game”, (see Games) entitled “Damnation: The Gothic Game”, greatly expanded, developed and enhanced by Kris Rees of “Blackletter Games” has scored a huge success with “Kickstarter”, reaching 30 times its target figure.  The completed game will be released in August 2022.  Meanwhile Kris, in an unending search for perfection, is still looking for play-testers, with a view to possible improvements.  This game is a must for all those who have fond memories of the “Gothic Game” release of 1990.  The art-work is fantastic.