Launch of „Blood on Satan’s Claw, or The Devil’s Skin“

Publication date 24 November 2022.

This is my own novelisation of the film “Blood on Satan’s Claw”, for which I wrote the original screenplay in 1970, under the title “The Devil’s Skin”.  It is being promoted and published through “Unbound Books”.  Details of the book can be found under

The novel of „The Devil’s Skin“, my screenplay for “The Blood on Satan’s Claw” is now available through bookshops and on the internet, 52 years after the shooting of the film in the spring of 1970.  This is the definitive version of the story, including all the details, a number of which had to be left out due to the very tight schedule of the filming. It was an truly exciting experience for me, revisiting the landscape and characters, and feeling the atmosphere of the film still alive after all that time. The excellent artwork of Richard Wells has made this first edition into a souvenir well worth the having.